Revolutionizing Virtual Characters Through Motion Composition

Industries & Applications

Virtual Reality

Location-based VR Experiences

Animate player and co-op avatars using VR tracking and full body IK

Shared Virtual Environments

Rapidly populate worlds with task-directed virtual characters

Industrial Training & Simulation

Industrial Trainers

Interactive, adaptive training environments using task-directed virtual characters

Virtual Operations Centers

Animate user avatars in virtual space using full body IK



Rapidly iterate character motion for shot setup using:

  • Task-directed virtual characters
  • Mocap warping and real-time directing

PC & Console Games

Action Games / God Games

Implement NPCs to execute player directed tasks in game with minimal AI programming and animation setup

Player IK

Enhance player foot planting, reaching and aiming using full body IK

Military Training & Simulation

VR Combat Trainers

Animate soldier avatars using full body IK

Equipment Simulators

Animate user avatars with accurate hand and foot placement using full body IK


VR Brand Activations

Animate player and co-op avatars using full body IK



Full body IK

VR Player Avatars

6-Point VR tracking for animating player avatars

Player Runtime IK

Full body IK for foot placement, reaching and aiming


Unreal Engine 4 Integration

Humans and Quadrapeds

Android, PC and Console

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR

Motion Composer

Real-time motion composition

Task-directed NPCs

Visually compelling motion auto-assembled from MoCap or clips

Animation Controllers

Simplify or eliminate tedious animation controller setup


Automatic selection, sequencing and blending of animations

Mocap warping, motion warping

Unreal Engine 4 integration

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR

Your time is precious. Stand out in less time.


Our automated animation pipeline removes the need to setup blend trees or complex animation graphs.


Our automated pipeline lets you setup your animation runtime in minutes or hours, and not months. Anomotion's proprietary motion solver allows you to efficiently control many characters simultaneously.


Our middleware learns how characters move from motion capture data and animations. This knowledge is then used to create life­like and realistic character motion during gameplay.

Hear from our users

Anomotion BIK™ is the out of the box solution to our player character full body IK problem. We have neither the time nor do we want the distraction of development of a full body IK solution. Also, we need “AAA” quality, ease of use and rapid production. BIK™ delivered on this which allowed us to focus on other areas of our game development.

Technical Director, Gunfire Games