Anomotion revolutionizes virtual spaces through AI based natural motion technology

Who We Are

Anomotion middleware is an AI-based natural motion technology used to create cinematic and character driven experiences. Characters interact with their surroundings and users in a life­like manner, and completely out of the box.

We can help

Virtual Reality Studios

Create high fidelity characters with ease

Anomotion's middleware provides VR studios with the capability to create high fidelity results – we can save you time and money from building and maintaining expensive in-house animation solutions.

Game Studios

The future of gaming

The complexity of creating life-like characters can often threaten the realism that today’s gamers need for an immersive experience. Anomotion’s middleware eliminates complex and routine manual work for studios, while producing exceptional motion fidelity.

Training & Simulation

The evolution of experiential learning

Anomotion’s technology creates an achievable precision for complex virtual training in harsh and dangerous environments. Our technology can be dynamic and randomized, while supporting a large number of simultaneous human players and computer characters. Virtual training has never looked so real.

Your time is precious. Stand out in less time.


Our automated animation pipeline removes the need to setup blend trees or complex animation graphs.


Our automated pipeline lets you setup your animation runtime in minutes or hours, and not months. Anomotion's proprietary motion solver allows you to efficiently control many characters simultaneously.


Our middleware learns how characters move from motion capture data and animations. This knowledge is then used to create life­like and realistic character motion during gameplay.

Hear from our users

Anomotion BIK™ is the out of the box solution to our player character full body IK problem. We have neither the time nor do we want the distraction of development of a full body IK solution. Also, we need “AAA” quality, ease of use and rapid production. BIK™ delivered on this which allowed us to focus on other areas of our game development.

Technical Director, Gunfire Games


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Our Products

Motion Composer

Motion Composer™ - a tool that ‘learns’ by observing how characters move from motion capture data and animations. Our tool allows rapidly iterations, allowing users to achieve the desired outcome easily within a graphical-based editor. We are enabling the next generation of content producers to craft life-like animations that stand out in the market.


Unreal Engine 4 integration
Fits in existing animation pipelines
VR support - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR


BIK™ – is a Full Body IK runtime tool for posing characters and generating animations on the fly. It adapts existing motion to user input and environment in real time.

BIK™ lets you easily control digital characters within Unreal Engine 4 or other game engines, simply and realistically.


Mobile Support - Android
Unreal Engine 4 integration
Fits in existing animation pipelines
VR support - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR